Mr. Mahmoud Hamada

Mr. Mahmoud Hamada

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Mahmoud has been the practice manager for Smart Eyecare since 2012. He enjoys helping patients choose the right frames based on their facial features and fashion preferences. He utilizes the latest optical technology in fabricating prescription lenses with the highest quality standards. He always provides a professional, yet personal recommendations in a friendly environment.

About Smart Eye Care

Optical and optometry industries have changed enormously over the past decades due to many factors; one was the appearance of big optical chains in shopping centres and online stores. However, there were real concerns for people about the reliability of these places in satisfying their expected quality of eyecare and providing the promised service.
Dr. Rahaf Murad had worked as an optometrist for many years after graduation across Sydney for both big corporates and independent practices.
Despite the valuable experience she gained, the following limitations were recognised:

  • People often were prescribed glasses with no useful prescriptions.
  • There were often hidden fees behind the advertised appealing prices.
  • Patients often reported getting quick eye examination with limited
    attention to their ocular health.
  • Overpriced designer frames and lenses with unsatisfactory quality.
  • Deprived aftercare and maintenance service for optical products.
  • No genuine repair service and people often were compelled to buy new pair of glasses to generate more sales, in favour of the retail businesses rather than the customers.

This was the insight behind the establishment of Smart Eyecare in 2012, when Rahaf and her husband Mahmoud decided to make a change in order to deliver authentic and reliable eyecare. Here, peoples’ eye health was the main priority, quality eyecare products were affordable and customer expectations were strived to be met.

In a matter of months, Smart Eyecare started to bloom and attracted many customers from Sydney and interstate NSW. People appreciated the true difference in genuine eyecare, friendly customer service and quality frames and lenses yet at competitive prices. Smart Eyecare continued to grow fast till this date, with word of mouth being the main factor of progress. Their mission is to deliver fulfilling eyecare for everyone, great products and accessible aftercare service.

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