Tips For New Glasses

Some people will adjust to significant changes to their glasses prescription and not bat an eyelid, for others even a small change can seem a little strange.

As you first settle into wearing your new glasses, wear them at home doing simple tasks in familiar surroundings. Watching the TV or relaxing reading a magazine are simple tasks allowing you to feel comfortable about your new eyewear.

Try not to constantly alternate between wearing your new and old glasses. It will take longer to adapt to the change if you just wear them now and then, or revert back to your old, familiar ones as soon as your notice that something doesn’t feel quite right. It is always best to start with the new glasses when you wake up in the morning. You are fresh at this time and your eyes be ready for a small change.

Some other tips for using the new glasses. When glancing sideways you may find you need to move your head and your eyes. When using stairs or escalators try lowering your head and your eyes to get the correct focus.

You will quickly learn how to use and enjoy your new glasses. However, if after a week or so you have some questions please be in contact with us. We are always happy to give advice and check the adjustment.